torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012

I'm Sorry

Ive been wrighting this letter
for a couple of months now
and right now
what I wanna do
Is I wanna express this letter
to you
It goes like this

Your eyes
they flow

from all the pain i caused
i lost my cause
i only broke your heart
alone i cry
i tried so hard to break you
i love you
I hate you
why wont you let me go?

I feel the raindrops fall
these tears wont take you away
im sorry

I hear the thunder scream
its screaming out for me
Im sorry

the rain will follow me, i feel like i cant breath, im sorry
I fell asleep again, when will this tempest end, im sorry
 I finally realised
that i fucked up your life
im sorry
I'd die tonight
If only you were here
I'd tell you im sorry
I'd fucking disapear
you look so pretty now
without me
my tears come crashing down

I hope you see this, but I think you don't


Ei mulla näin angst fiilis todellakaan oo tuli vaan ihmiset mieleen ♥ ajattelin kyllä tunkee kohta lisää postausta ja voin luvata kuvat on ainaki sata kertaa hauskempia :p ainakin itellä oli huippu kivaa niitä otellessa..

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